G.E Lewis Ariel 12 Gauge

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G.E Lewis Treble Grip Choke Bore Honors - Paris 1878

The G.E Lewis 'Ariel' is a beautiful, antique shotgun. The Shotgun fire 12 gauge. The Shotgun is double barrel with a double trigger mechanism. The G.E Shotgun has an intricate and beautiful design. The shotgun has an intricate metal reciever and barrel. The design features a dog hunting near a pond, along the barrel there is also a pattern adding to the design. The shotgun also has checkering on the grip and foregrip of the stock. The shotgun is of course in second hand but is in amazing condition. 


  • Condition: Used

  • Model Type: Double Barrel

  • Certfication: Section 2

  • Model: Ariel

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