WE G Series Glock 17

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To order this product you must call Manchester Airguns on 01457 837 369 or 07747 314949. We will take the relevant details and place the order. You will be provided with updates once the order has been placed and shipped.

The G Series 17 is from the WE Tactical New Series of gas blowback air soft pistols.The G Series 17 has the same design as a Glock and is a great air soft 6mm BB gun. The G17 is a blowback gas air soft pistol meaning that when fired the gun has a sense of realism. The G17 has a ergonomic grip. The gun is a replica of the Glock 17 and is an ideal air soft pistol for anyone!

Purchaser of this item must hold a valid UK RA membership or have a reasonable defense.

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