Combat Machine CM16 Raider

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To order this product you must call Manchester Airguns on 01457 837 369 or 07747 314949. We will take the relevant details and place the order. You will be provided with updates once the order has been placed and shipped.

The G&G Armement Combat Machine Gun is heavily influenced in design from the M4 and AR rifles. The CM16 is a great airsoft rifle firing 6mm pellets. The CM16 features a Semi/Auto firing system allowing the shooter to fire at 2 rates of fire aswell as giving the shooter the ability to switch the rifle back to safety when the CM16 is not in use.

The rifle has a plastic/metal hybrid stock with a full metal 5.56x45 magazine. The rifle has a textured grip, a removable front iron sight, a sling plate to allow the use of slings and harnesses and the rifle also has the ability for larger scopes and optics to be added if wanted. The rifle has an extendable stock. The airsoft rifle is electric firing 6mm bb's. 

Purchaser of this item must hold a valid UK RA membership or have a reasonable defense (reason to purchase the rifle).


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